schwere Flak-Abteilung 907 (o)

Formed 10.40 in Luftgau XIII (until 7.42 known as Res.Flak-Abt. 907), with 1. - 5. Batterien:

Stab/Res.907 new
1./Res.907 from Res.Flak-Bttr. 1./VII
2./Res.907 from Res.Flak-Bttr. 2./VII
3./Res.907 from Res.Flak-Bttr. 1./XIII
4./Res.907 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 405
5./Res.907 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 301

In 7.41 3./Res.907 became 1./297, and was reformed from 5./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 323; 5./Res.907 became 4./297, and was reformed from 4./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 321.

Reorganised as a schwere Abteilung in late 1942:

5./gem.907 became 4./772

Reorganised in 1943 and re-equipped with ex-Russian 85mm AA guns:

1./s.907 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1537; reformed
2./s.907 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1538; reformed
3./s.907 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1539; reformed
4./s.907 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1544; reformed
5./s.907 new
6./s.907 new

7./s.907 was formed in late 1943, but became 3./Flak-Regiment 48 shortly after.


1997-2005 Michael Holm