schwere Flak-Abteilung 397 (v)

Formed 4.41 in Luftgau XII with 5 Batterien (known as Res.Flak-Abt. 397 until 7.42):

Stab/Res.397 from Stab/Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 342
1./Res.397 from 7./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 343
2./Res.397 from Res.Flak-Bttr. 1./XII
3./Res.397 new
4./Res.397 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 10./XII
5./Res.397 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 12./XII

In 1943 2./gem.397 became 2./631, and was reformed; 5./gem.397 converted to Scheinwerfer, and became 14./Flak-Regiment 13.

5./gem.397 was reformed in 8.43 from 14./Flak-Regiment 13.

Reorganised as a schwere Abteilung in late 1943:

4./gem.397 converted to schwere Flak
5./gem.397 was disbanded

5. and 6./s.396 was formed in mid-44 (5. from 1./706, 6. from 2./706).


1997-2003 Michael Holm