Nachtjagdgeschwader 6



Formed 15.9.43 at Schleissheim.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.8.43 in Mainz-Finthen from IV./NJG4 with:

Stab I./NJG6 from Stab IV./NJG4
1./NJG6 from 10./NJG4
2./NJG6 from 11./NJG4
3./NJG6 from 12./NJG4

Reduced to 1./NJG6 on 30.3.45, when Stab I., 2. and 3./NJG6 was disbanded..


* detachments at Echterdingen and Hailfingen. A typical example of the many movements made by a night-fighter group, can be seen by following I./NJG6 during the period from 6.6.44 to 20.6.44: 6.6. from Hailfingen to Deelen, 15.6. to Neubiberg, via Kitzingen, 16.6. to Deelen, 17.6. to Neubiberg, 18.6. to Mainz-Finthen, 19.6. to Deelen and 20.6. finally ti Neubiberg.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 15.9.43 at Neuburg/Donau with:

Stab II./NJG6 new
4./NJG6 new
5./NJG6 new
6./NJG6 new

On 30.3.45 reduced to 4./NJG6, when Stab II., 5. and 6./NJG6 was disbanded.


* detachments at Kitzingen and Schwäbisch-Hall.

** operated from Venlo for at short time in 6.44.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 10.5.44 at Hagenau from II./NJG5 with:

Stab III./NJG6 from Stab II./NJG5
7./NJG6 from 4./NJG5
8./NJG6 from 6./NJG5
9./NJG6 from 5./NJG5

On 30.3.45 reduced to 7./NJG6, when Stab III., 8. and 9./NJG6 was disbanded.


IV. Gruppe:


Formed 5.43 in Otopeni and Zilistea with:

Stab IV./NJG6 new
10./NJG6 new
11./NJG6 new
12./NJG6 new

On 30.3.45 reduced to 10./NJG6, when Stab IV., 11. and 12./NJG6 was disbanded.


* 10. and 12./NJG6 at Otopeni and 11./NJG6 at Zilistea. Various detachments at Bucharest-Pipera, Focsani, Buzau, Stopani and Telish (Bulgaria).

** detachments at Gerolzhofen, Kitzingen and Ingolstadt.

V. Gruppe:


Formed 6.43 at Stuttgart/Nellingen with:

Stab V./NJG6 new
13./NJG6 new
14./NJG6 new
15./NJG6 new

In 7.43 redesignated III./NJG2:

Stab V./NJG6 became Stab III./NJG2
13./NJG6 became 7./NJG2
14./NJG6 became 8./NJG2
15./NJG6 became 9./NJG2



Formed 12.4.44 in Schleissheim from parts of NJG6. Known as 5.(Schulstaffel)/NJG6  12.4.44 - 26.6.44.

In 12.44 redesignated 16./NJG6, but on 1.1.45 became Stabsstaffel/NJG6.


12.4.44 - 22.6.44 Schleissheim   Bf 110, Ju 88
23.6.44 - 10.11.44 Kitzingen   Bf 110, Ju 88
10.11.44 - 1.5.45 Schleissheim   Bf 110, Ju 88

1997-2003 Michael Holm