Jagdgeschwader 136

I. Gruppe:


Fliegerstaffel (J) 1 was formed 1.10.34 in Kiel-Holtenau, followed by Fliegerstaffel (J) 2 in Kiel-Holtenau on 1.4.35. On 1.10.35 Fliegerstaffel (J) 1 became 1./JG136 and Fliegerstaffel (J) 2 became 2./JG136. 2./JG136 moved to Jever on 1.4.36.

Stab I./JG136 was formed 1.10.36 in Jever, and 3./JG136 was formed in Garz/Usedom (1./JG136 had probably also relocated to Jever by this date). On 1.4.37 3./JG136 became 4./JG136, and a new 3./JG136 was formed in Jever.

On 1.10.37 4./JG136 was used to form I./LG Greifswald, and a new 4./JG136 was formed in Jever.

On 1.11.38 I./JG136 was redesignated II./JG333:

Stab I./JG136 became Stab II./JG333
1./JG136 became 4./JG333
2./JG136 became 5./JG333
3./JG136 became 6./JG333

and 4./JG136 was used to form Trägergruppe 186.


1997-2003 Michael Holm