56th independent Guards order of the Patriotic War Landing-Assault Brigade

56-я отдельная десантно-штурмовая ордена Отечественной войны бригада

Military Unit: 33079; from 6.80: 44585; from 6.88: 33079; from 1992: 74507

Activated 1.10.79 in Azadbash (Chirchik), Tashkent Oblast, from the 351st Guards Parachute Regiment.

13.12.79 transferred to Termez, Surkhandar'inskaya Oblast, for operations on Afghanistan - the first battalion crossed the border 25.12.79, followed by the rest of the brigade in 1.80.

1980 the second battalion became attached to the 70th independent Motorised Rifle Regiment.

Organisation 1980:

4.5.85 awarded the order of the Patriotic War.

Due to the troubles in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the brigade was temporarily deployed to Baku, Azerbaizhan SSR, from 12.1.90 to 2.90 - for patrols along the border areas.

1.6.90 transferred to the VDV, and renamed 40th independent Airborne Brigade.

6.6.90 deployed to Fergana, Fergana Oblast, for security operations in the region (including Andizhan, Andizhan Oblast, and Jalal-Abad, Osh Oblast).

Organisation 1990:

Took part in Chechen operations 12.94 to 10.96.

1996 renamed 56th Guards Airborne Regiment.

1.5.09 renamed 56th Guards Airborne Brigade, and from 1.7.2010 56th Guards Airborne Brigade (light).