21st independent Landing-Assault Brigade

21-я отдельная десантно-штурмовая бригада

Military Unit: 31571; from 1992: 54801

Activated 19.2.73 in Kutaisi, Georgian SSR.

Organisation 1973:

1.9.77 re-organised:

1986 parts of the brigade took part in the clean-up at Chernobyl, Kiev Oblast, after the nuclear accident.

In early 1988 both helicopter regiments were detached from the brigade.

In 7.89 after armed Armenians had occupied Yerevan airport, the brigade landed in helicopters at the airport and retook it.

7.12.89 landed at Leninakan, Armenian SSR, for rescue duties after the massive earthquake.

1.6.90 transferred to the VDV, and renamed 21st indpendent Airborne Brigade.

12.94 to 11.96 took part in the Chechen operations.

1.5.98 renamed 247th Air-Landing Assault Regiment, attached to the 7th Guards Airborne Division.