11th independent Landing-Assault Brigade

11-я отдельная десантно-штурмовая бригада

Military Unit: 21460, from 6.90: 32364

Activated 1.8.68 in Mogocha, Chita Oblast, as the 11th independent Airborne Brigade:

In 11.68 the 618th and 619th independent Airborne Battalions were activated from two battalions of the 56th Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1.69:

4.69 the independent Airborne Battalions were renamed independent Landing-Assault Battalions.

7.71 the brigade was renamed 11th independent Landing-Assault Brigade.

1.9.77 re-organised:

1987 took part in a large landing exercise at Cape Schmidt, near the Arctic seashore (68 53 55N, 179 20 35W].

In early 1988 both helicopter regiments were detached from the brigade.

1.6.90 transferred to the VDV, and renamed 11th indpendent Airborne Brigade.

Organisation 1996 (battalions were renumbered in 1996):

The 500th independent Ariborne Battalion was disbanded in 2006.



Brigade coordinates: