103rd Guards order of Lenin Red Banner order of Kutuzov Airborne Division imeni 60-Letiya SSSR

103-я гвардейская воздушно-десантная ордена Ленина Краснознаменная ордена Кутузова дивизия имени 60-летия СССР

Military Unit: 07197; from 12.79: 13879; from 1.89: 07197

Activated 7.6.46 in Seltsy, Ryazan Oblast, from the 103rd Guards Rifle Division.

Organisation 1947:

1.10.48 the 322nd Guards Air Landing Regiment was used to activate the 7th Guards Airborne Division, and was replaced by the new 39th Guards Air Landing Regiment.

In 1.49 the 39th Guards Air Landing Regiment were converted and renamed 39th Guards Parachute Regiment.

In 1949 the 6th independent Landing Security Company was disbanded.

15.11.53 re-organized:

Organization 1953:

30.4.55 the 113th independent Tank Destroyer Battalion was activated, and the 572nd independent Guards Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion became the 62nd independent Guards Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion.

1.6.56 the 39th Guards Parachute Regiment was disbanded, and the division took over the 350th and 357th Guards Parachute Regiment from the disbanded 114th Guards Airborne Division.

6.1.59 the 210th independent Military-Transport Aviation Squadron was activated with 10 An-2 aircraft.

Re-organized 15.8.60:

Organisation 1961:

27.4.62 again re-organized:

In 1971 the 609th Air-Landing Security Battalion was activated.

1.10.76 the 884th independent Rocket Artillery Battalion was disbanded, and was absorbed by the Artillery Regiment, while the 20th independent Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was activated from the independent repair shop.

The Order of Lenin was awarded 2.80.

17.12.82 named "imeni 60-Letiya SSSR".

In 1985 the 62nd independent Guards Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion was renamed the 62nd independent Guards Tank Battalion with T-55AM tanks, and remained attached to the division to 1989.

Organisation 1989:

4.1.90 transferred to the KGB Border Guards, and renamed 103rd Guards Airborne Division PV KGB SSSR, and lost most of it's support units, including the artillery regiment, but apparently the 20th independent Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was retained.

23.9.91 again transferred to the VDV - planned formation of new support units and a new artillery regiment did not take place before the collapse of the Soviet Union - it is unclear if the new units would have had the same numbers as the old support units, although this seems most likely.

20.5.92 taken over by Belarus:



Divisional coordinates: