156th Missile Regiment

156-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 54310

Activated 1.11.61 at Zhitkovichi, Gomel Oblast, under the 33rd Guards Missile Division, from parts of the 369th and 396th Missile Regiments.

Intended for service in Lychen, East Germany, with the R-12 (SS-4) missile, as the 156th independent Missile Regiment.

Disbanded 12.7.62, as the R-14 (SS-5) missile made the need for forward bases unnecessary. Regiment never had any missiles.

Lychen launch site 1 (53 10 30N, 13 16 58E):

No drawing.

Lychen launch site 2 (53 03 08N, 13 23 20E):

No drawing.