83rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

83-я зенитно-ракетная бригада

Military Unit: 03216

Activated 22.4.59 (directive 15.1.58) in Zelenogorsk, Leningrad Oblast, as the 83rd Air Defence Brigade of Special Use (1st System-100 Brigade).

First equipment had been delivered in May 1958.

8.60 renamed 82nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade.

Initially equipped with 8 S-75 (SA-2) battalions.

Organisation 1962:

In 6.64 took over the six S-125 (SA-3) battalions from the 169th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment:

5.10.67 inherited the Red Banner from the old 189th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.

During the 1980's controlled 12 S-75 and S-125 battalions.

In 1987 five battalions converted to the S-300PS (SA-10) missile:

1994 renamed 1488th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.