72nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

72-я зенитно-ракетная бригада

Military Unit: 61772

Activated 1960 in Gorodets, Gorkiy Oblast, as the 366th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.

Organisation 1962:

1.5.68 renamed 72nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, and took over the three S-75 battalions from the 356th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment:

Organisation 1968:

During 1968 an independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Group with 2 launch S-200 (SA-5) battalions were added to the brigade (US designation: SAM site C33-5):

An additional Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion were added in 1970/1971 for point-defence of Gorkiy and rear defence for the existing S-200 launch group (US designation: SAM site B18-5):

From 1986 the S-75 (SA-2) battalions were reduced to mobilization battalions, and began conversion to the S-300PT-1 (SA-10) missile:

1994 renamed 563rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.

Disbanded 1998.