658th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

658-й зенитно-ракетный полк

Military Unit: 92598

Activated 1.1.53 in Maloye Rogachevo, Moscow Oblast - initially as the 1951st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment for Special Use and from 1955 as the 658th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment for Special Use.

1953 to 1983 equipped with 60 S-25 (SA-1) launchers:

In 1965 a S-125 (SA-3) battalion was added to the regiment - 56 27 11N, 37 10 15E (Moscow SAM site E35-3)

1983 converted to the S-300PT (SA-10) with three independent battalions (first missiles delivered 8.82):

Disbanded 1994, and was absorbed by the 722nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment. The battalion at Maloye Rogachevo probably remained as part of the 722nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment until 1998.