318th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

318-й зенитно-ракетный полк

Military Unit: 71587

Activated 1960 in Kazan, Tatarskaya ASSR.

In 7.62 deployed to Cuba as the 619th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, and a new 318th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment was activated 9.62.


In 1971 an independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Group with 3 launch S-200 (SA-5) battalions were added to the regiment:

From 1982 to 1989 also provided cover for Naberezhnye Chelny, Kazan Oblast (which had been renamed Brezhnev) - the older versions of the S-75 (SA-2) that had been replaced in the three Kazan battalions, were stored in Brezhnev, but it's is not clear if any sites were actually constructed there.

In 1980's with 3 S-75 (SA-2) and 3 S-200 (SA-5) battalions, with additional storage of older S-75 missiles at Brezhnev.

The S-75 battalions were disbanded in the 1989-1990 period.

Disbanded 1993.