236th Guards Putilovsko-Kirovskiy order of Lenin Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment

236-й гвардейский зенитно-ракетный Путиловско-Кировский ордена Ленина полк

Military Unit: 45813

Activated 8.60 in Mitino, Moscow Oblast, from the 236th Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.


To augment the S-25 (SA-1) missiles regiments, eight S-75 (SA-2) sites were constructed within the inner S-25 ring during the early and mid-1960's - each battalion had one S-75 site - four of the sites were later used for the A-135 ABM system, hosting 53T6 missile silos. From 1972 some of the battalions converted to the S-125 (SA-3) missile.

29.9.65 named Putilovsko-Kirovskiy.

22.2.68 awarded the order of Lenin.

10.92 transferred to Valday, Novgorod Oblast, and was renamed 42nd Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.