210th Red Banner Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

210-я зенитно-ракетная Краснознаменная бригада

Military Unit: 74907

Activated 1960 in Kingisepp (Saaremaa), Estonian SSR, as the 1176th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, from the 1176th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.

Initially with 3 S-75 (SA-2) battalions, followed by 6 S-125 (SA-3) battalions in 1967.

6.68 renamed 210th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade.

Organisation 1960's:

During 1969 an independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Group with 3 launch S-200 (SA-5) battalions were added to the brigade:

1970 with 3 S-75 (SA-2), 6 S-125 (SA-3) and 3 S-200 (SA-5) battalions.

1991 with 2 S-75 (SA-2), 6 S-125 (SA-3) and 3 S-200 (SA-5) battalions.

Disbanded 1.8.93.