46th independent Radio-Technical Unit

46-й отдельный радиотехнический узел

Military Unit: 03908

Activated 9.63 in Michelevka, Irkutsk Oblast.

Consists of complex OS-1 (Satellite Detection-1) with initially four 5N15 Dnestr (NATO: dual Hen House) radars, with a fifth 5N15M (Dnestr-M) added later. While the main fuction was satellite detection, the fifth radar's function was early warning against missile attack.

Contruction of the first four nodes (radars) began in the spring of 1964. The fifth node (radar) was added by decision on 29.6.67.

Contruction of the 90N6 Daryal-U radar (NATO: Pechora) (one transmitter and one receiver) began in 2.82. The radar site was completed in 1992, and installation of equipment began, but all work stopped in 1994. The radar site was dismantled 23.6.2011.

The old 5N86 Dnepr radars will be replaced by the new 77Ya-6DM (Voronezh-DM) radar, contruction which have not begun yet.