378th independent Radio-Technical Unit

378-й отдельный радиотехнический узел

Military Unit: 96876

Activated 11.9.75 in Pechora, Komi ASSR (the planned (1971) original location at Vorkuta, was considered to expensive to implement).

Consists of complex RO-30 (Early Warning-30) with one 5N79 Daryal (NATO: Pechora) radar (transmitter and receiver).

Contruction of the radar complex began in 5.75. Construction was delayed 27.7.79, due to a fire while building - construction completed 1982 - official tests was completed 8.83, and the complex was accepted into service 20.1.84 - alert duty from 20.3.84 - a second fire occured 10.10.85 - still in use.