217th Radio-Technical Center

217-й радиотехнический центр

Military Unit: 51858

Activated 28.11.52 in Petrovskoye (Vidnoye), Moscow Oblast - initially as the 217th Radio-Technical Center for Near Intelligence.

The center became operational 25.9.55.

During the 1980-1984 period, several new radar positions (independent Radio-Technical companies) were constructed, and existing positions were enlarged, as the radar network in connections with the new S-300 (SA-10) missile were expanded outwards.

Organisation 1984:

1986 renamed 2317th independent Radio-Technical Battalion.

22.3.88 renamed 9th Radio-Technical Regiment.

Organisation 1988:

Organisation 1995:

From 1998 also the 2318th independent Radio-Technical Battalion (Kosterovo, Vladimir Oblast).

Headquarters and main radar site: