6th Kurilskaya Air Defence Division

6-я Курильская дивизия ПВО

Military Unit: 00000

Activated 15.3.57 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, Kamchatskaya Oblast, as the Kamchatskaya Air Defence Division, from the 222nd Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

3.60 renamed 6th Air Defence Division.

Organisation 1962:

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

During 5.80 to 5.86 the 865th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was attached to the VVS Far Eastern Military District.

Organisation 1988:

1990 united with the 24th Air Defence Division as the 72nd Air Defence Corps.

Organisation 1990:

8.94 again renamed 6th Air Defence Division.

5.98 renamed VVS and PVO OKVS (VVS and PVO Northeast Russian Federation).

2009 renamed Aviation OKVS.