Project 1144

Kirov class




Kirov - Baltic Yard, Leningrad - serial no. 800 - laid down 26.3.74 - launched 27.12.77 - completed 30.12.80; awarded the Red Banner 25.7.77; trials begun 1980 in the Baltic - 28.9.80 to 5.10.80 sailed from Baltiysk to Severomorsk; accepted into the Northern Fleet 6.3.81 - attached to the 120th Missile Ship Brigade; 7.81 took part in the "Sever-81" exercise in the Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea, together with BPK "Admiral Isakov", "Kronshtadt" and "Smyshlennyy"; spring 1982 took part in exercises together with TAVKR "Kiev", BPK "Udaloy" and "Zharkiy", including replenishment from the tanker "Berezina" during night and in storm conditions; 15.4.83 took part in an air defence exercise with BPK "Zhguchiy", "Gremyashchiy", "Admiral Yumashev", EM "Otchayannyy", "Byvalyy" and other ships; 22.12.83 to 25.2.84 operations in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean (in the Mediterranean 5.1.84 to 15.2.84) - escorted by EM "Ognevoy"; 24.3 to 28.3.86 command staff exercise with TAVKR "Kiev", BPK "Marshal Timoshenko" and "Gremyashchiy" - including SS-N-14 and SAM firings; 4.10.86 to 23.10.86 sailed to the area off Bermuda, where the submarine "K-219" was in trouble - plans were to act as escort during the tow of "K-219" to Severomorsk, but the submarine sank 6.10.86 - the cruiser returned home 23.10.86; 24.3 to 28.3.87 took part in a command staff exercise, together with RKR "Vitse-Admiral Drozd", "Marshal Ustinov", BPK "Admiral Nakhimov", "Admiral Makarov", "Admiral Yumashev", "Kronshtadt" and "Soobrazitelnyy", EM "Otlichnyy", "Otchayannyy" and "Sovremennyy"; 2.10.87 General Secretary Gorbachev visited the ship in Severomorsk; 7.4.89 to 9.4.89 sailed to the area where the submarine "Komsomolets" had sunk, but returned early due to faults in the gearbox; 1.12.89 to 17.2.90 operations in the Mediterranean - suffered a reactor accident - repaired; from 1992 unable to go to sea, due to reactor failure (drowned) - not repaired due to financial difficulties; 27.5.92 renamed Admiral Ushakov; 1994 relegated to the reserve; 14.9 to 17.9.99 towed from Severomorsk to Severodvinsk; 2004 decomissioned

Frunze - Baltic Yard, Leningrad - serial no. 801 - laid down 26.7.78 - launched 26.5.81 - completed 31.10.84; test were completed 30.10.84; 8.9.84 arrived at Severomorsk for trials and further testing - temporarily attached to the 120th Missile Ship Brigade; 21.8 to 12.11.85 sailed from Baltiysk to Vladivostok, together with BPK "Admiral Spiridonov" "Admiral Nakhimov" (only to Cape Finisterre) and "Osmotritelnyy", with visits to Luanda, Angola - Maputo, Mozambique - Aden, South Yemen and Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam along the way; 1986 operations in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean - including monitoring a US task force; 1987 to 1992 only exercises in local waters; 27.5.92 renamed Admiral Lazarev; inactive from 1994; decomissioned 1999

Kalinin - Baltic Yard, Leningrad - serial no. 802 - laid down 17.5.83 - launched 24.4.86 - completed 30.12.88; 16.10.88 began sea trials in the Baltic Sea; 20.12.88 to 27.12.88 sailed from Baltiysk to Severomorsk, escorted by BPK "Bditelnyy"; 21.4.89 accepted into the Northern Fleet - attached to the 120th Missile Ship Brigade; 4.1.91 to 25.7.91 operations in the Mediterranean, together with EM "Bezuprechnyy" - visited Tartus, Syria (10.2 to 20.2.91), Alexandria, Egypt (20.2 - 24.2.91) and Port Said, Egypt (23.2 to 26.2.91) - 2.91 assisted a Turkish ship in trouble, in the Mediterranean; 27.5.92 renamed Admiral Nakhimov; 1999 decomissioned

Yuri Andropov - Baltic Yard, Leningrad - serial no. 803 - laid down 25.4.86 - launched 29.4.89 - completed 18.4.98; original planned name was Maxim Gorkiy; 27.5.92 renamed Peter Velikiy; construction delayed mainly due to the financial situation; began trials 1995 - first arrived at Severomorsk 23.11.96; 1997 sea trials in the Atlantic Ocean - attached to the 120th Missile Ship Brigade; 9.2008 to 3.2009 operations in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean and the Gulf of Aden -  12.2008 took part in the joint Russian/Venezuelan exercise "Venrus-2008", together with BRK "Admiral Chabanenko" - anti-pirate duties in the Gulf of Aden (2.2009); 30.3.2010 left Severomorsk - 4.4.2010 sailed through the English Channel - 7.4.2010 passed Gibraltar with SKR "Yaroslav Mudryy" - 13.4 to 14.4.2010 visited Tartus, Syria - 16.4.2010 sailed through the Suez Canal - escorted by RKR "Moskva" into the Indian Ocean, and later arrived in Vladivostok - took part in exercises 28.6 to 8.7.2010 celebrating the 150th annoversary of the city Vladivostok - 11.2010 arrived back in Severomorsk; 3.9.2013 to 1.10.2013 exercises in the Arctic; 10.2013 to 5.2014 operations in the Mediterranean - 5.2014 sailed through the English Channel together with TAVKR "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov - Baltic Yard, Leningrad - serial no. 804; cancelled 4.10.90 - never laid down (originally planned for 1989)