Project 1143

Kiev class




Kiev - Black Sea SY, Nikolayev - serial no. 101 - laid down 21.7.70 - launched 26.12.72 - completed 28.12.75; 16.7.76 left Sevastopol - 20.7.76 began testing the Yak-36M (four Yak-36M and one Yak-36MU onboard) under sea conditions in the Mediterranean (off Crete) - 10.8.76 arrived in Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast - attached to the 170th Anti-Submarine Warfare Brigade; 8.76 to 12.76 extensive tests in the Northern Fleet area; 12.4 to 19.4.77 took part in the Sever-77 exercise; 26.6.77 reclassified from PKR to TAVKR; 20.12.77 to 21.4.78 operations in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean; 3.11.78 hit a sand bar at Severomorsk, but suffered no damage; 4.8.78 took part in a local exercise; 11.10.78 final tests of the main missiles in the White Sea; 16.1.79 to 27.3.79 operations in the Mediterranean and the Northern Atlantic - took part in six submarine search operations - meet up with TAVKR "Minsk" in the Mediterranean, and 5.4 to 12.4.79 took part in the command staff anti-submarine warfare exercise "Razbeg-79", together with BPK "Admiral Makarov", "Marshal Timoshenko", "Ognevoy" and EM "Moskovskiy Komsomolets"; 24.10.79 first underway refuelling operation with the tanker "Berezina"; 12.79 took part in ASW helicopter training exercises; 30.12.79 to 28.4.80 operations in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean; 1980 took part in a local ASW exercise; 6.1 to 15.3.81 operations in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and took part in a large exercise in the Black Sea under the command of the Chief-of-Staff of the Navy Admiral Egorov; 15.7 to 18.9.81 operations in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and the Baltic - took part in the exercise Zapad-81 as flagship (with Defence Minister Ustinov, Commander of the Navy Gorshkov and the Warzaw Pact defence ministers onboard); 27.7 to 30.9.82 operations in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean - took part in the Warzaw Pact exercise "Shschit-82" in the Baltic; 1982 took part in tracking exercises in the Arctic under polar night conditions, together with TARKR "Kirov", BPK "Udaloy", SKR "Zharkiy" and tanker "Berezina"; 23.12.82 to 1.11.84 repairs and modernization at Black Sea SY, Nikolayev; 14.3.85 first shortened take-off by a Yak-38U; 20.3 to 4.7.85 operations in the Mediterranean - arrived in Severomorsk 4.7.85 after the repairs in Nikolayev - 2.6 to 6.6.85 visited Algiers, Algeria, together with EM "Otchayannyy" and SKR "Zadornyy" - 10.6 to 20.6.85 took part in the Atlantika-85 air defence exercise; 31.12.85 to 21.5.86 operations in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean up to the approaches of the Black Sea; 5.1 to 24.6.87 operations in the Mediterranean, together with BPK "Admiral Isachenkov" and EM "Bezuprechnyy" - tracked the USS "Nimitz" - interacted with RKR "Vice-Admiral Drozd", BPK "Marshal Timoshenko", "Stroynyy" and EM "Sovremennyy" - 1.3.87 visited Split, Yugoslavia, together with EM "Sovremennyy"; 15.9 to 30.10.87 repairs at SRZ at Roslyakovo, Murmansk Oblast; 31.10.87 began repairs at Sevmorput in Murmansk, but relegated to the reserve 21.12.87; 7.90 left the yard to take part in an exercise, byt returned early - last time the Yak-38 aircraft was at sea; 8.91 again relegated to the reserve; 30.6.93 decomissioned; 28.8.94 sold to a company in China; 20.5.2000 towed to Shanghai, China - to become a floating tourist entertainment center - opened 9.2003

Minsk - Black Sea SY, Nikolayev - serial no. 102 - laid down 28.12.72 - launched 30.9.75 - completed 27.9.78; 10.77 to 18.2.78 dockside trials - flag raised 19.2.78; 21.2.78 arrived in Sevastopol for further tests; 26.5.78 underway refuelling tests together with tanker "Berezina" near Sevastopol; 25.8.78 tests completed; 23.11.78 accepted into the Pacific Fleet - attached to the 201st Anti-Submarine Warfare Brigade; 24.2 to 30.7.79 sailed from Sevastopol to Vladivostok, together with BPK "Tashkent", "Petropavlovsk" and tanker "Boris Chilikin" - joined in the Atlantic Ocean by BDK "Ivan Rogov" - met with the TAVKR "Kiev" task force in the Mediterranean, and took part in the command staff anti-submarine warfare exercise "Razbeg-79" - several visits on the way to Vladivostok: Luanda, Angola (4.79) - Maputo, Mozambique - Port Louis, Mauritius (26.4.79) and Aden, South Yemen; 8.9.80 took part in an exercise in the South China Sea; 27.8 to 26.11.80 operations in the South Pacific Ocean - visited Cam Ranh, Vietnam; 1.81 to 8.82 repairs and modernization at Dalzavod, Vladivostok; 8.82 took part in special VTOL aircraft tests; 26.9.82 to 15.2.83 operations in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean - visited Cam Ranh, Vietnam - Bombay, India and Aden, South Yemen; 27.3 to 24.4.84 operations in the South China Sea - visited Cam Ranh, Vietnam; 3.86 to 4.86 operations in the South China Sea - visited Cam Ranh, Vietnam - took part in a joint Soviet/Vietnamese exercise, together with BPK "Tallin"; 4.7 to 8.7.86 visited Wonsan, North Korea, together with BPK "Tallin", "Admiral Spiridonov" and tanker "Argun"; 1991 was under preparation for transfer to the Black Sea SY, Nikolayev for repairs (50% of the boilers did not work) - cancelled due to the political situation and lack of funding; 26.10 to 29.10.92 towed from Razboynik Bay to Postovaya Bay (Sovetskaya Gavan); 30.6.93 decomissioned; mid-1994 sold to a South Korean firm for scrapping; 20.10.95 towed into Pusan, South Korea; 30.7.98 sold to a Chinese company and converted to a museum and a entertainment center in Shenchzhen (Hong Kong area) - opened 27.9.2000

Novorossiysk - Black Sea SY, Nikolayev - serial no. 103 - laid down 30.9.75 - launched 26.12.78 - completed 14.8.82; 1.9 to 27.12.81 mooring tests; 5.1.82 sailed to Sevastopol; 29.1 to 12.4.82 further tests in the Black Sea; 12.4 to 28.5.82 official tests - 9.5.82 took part in the World War II victory parade in Sevastopol - aircraft landings during this period - Yak-38/38U (112), Ka-27 (108), Ka-25 (51), Mi-6 (10) and Mi-8 (139) - one Ka-27 crashed on the deck in 4.82 - 28.5.82 back to Nikolayev; 14.8.82 declared operational, and sailed to Sevastopol the next day; 24.11.82 accepted into the Pacific Fleet - attached to the 201st Anti-Submarine Warfare Brigade; 1.83 to 3.83 armament tests in the Feodosiya test range; 14.5.83 left Sevastopol for the Northern Fleet, together with EM "Nakhodchivyy" and BPK "Szerzhannyy" - 15.3 entered the Bosphorus - 24.5 refuelled by tanker "Sventa" - 27.5 refuelled by tanker "Proletarskaya Pobeda" at point 64 off the Moroccan coast - 28.5 sailed through the Gibraltar Strait with BPK "Obraztsovyy" - 2.6.83 met SKR "Zadornyy" and tanker "Dnestr" - BPK "Obraztsovyy" left for Baltiysk - 7.6.83 arrived in Severomorsk, together with SKR "Zadornyy" and tanker "Dnestr"; 7.83 took part in a parade in Severomorsk; 8.83 took part in the "Magistral-83" exercise; 9.83 took part in the "Okean-83" exercise, together with KRL "Admiral Nevskiy", RKR "Admiral Zozulya", EM "Sovremennyy", "Otchayannyy", BPK "Marshal Timoshenko", "Admiral Yumashev" and "Stroynyy" - the enemy task force was BPK "Udaloy", "Vitse-Admiral Kulakov" and two SKR (Krivak class); 17.10.83 left Severomorsk for Vladivostok - initial escort to Gibraltar was BPK "Udaloy", "Admiral Isakov", EM "Otchayannyy" and tanker "Genrikh Gasanov" - onboard was 12 Yak-38 (311th okshap) and 18 helicopters (2 Ka-25DTS, 14 KA-27PL and 2 KA-27PS from 710th oplvp) - 26.10.83 met new escorts off Gibraltar (BPK "Nikolayev, SKR "Poryvistyy", tankers "Desna" and "Gori") - 29.10.83 joined by BDK "Aleksandr Nikolaev" - 31.10 to 2.11.83 exercise off Spanish Sahara, escort was now BPK "Nikolayev", SKR "Poryvistyy", BDK "Aleksandr Nikolaev" and tanker "Genrikh Gasanov" - 8.11.83 passed the equator - 12.11 to 20.11.83 visited Luanda, Angola - 16.11.83 visited by Angolan Naval Commander, as well as Soviet and Cuban military advisers - 19.11.83 visited by the Angolan President - 27.11.83 passed into the Indian Ocean - 1.12 to 8.12.83 visited Maputo, Mozambique, together with BPK Nikolayev (from 2.12), SKR "Poryvistyy", BDK "Aleksandr Nikolaev" and tanker "Pamyat Lenina" - 6.12.83 visited by Mozambique officials and the Soviet ambassador - 16.12.83 refuelled by tanker "Boris Butoma" - 17.12.83 crossed the equator - 18.12 to 20.12.83 exercise with Indian Ocean task force "BPK Tallin and SKR Razyashchiy" - 21.12.83 off Sokrota Island - 5.1.84 search operations in the Arabian Sea - 28.1.84 again off Sokrota Island - 1.2.84 refuelled by tanker "Boris Butoma" - 5.2 to 10.2.84 visited Madrad, India - 8.2.84 visited by Indian naval commander - 13.2.84 again refuelled by tanker "Boris Butoma" - 15.2.84 entered Strait of Malacca - 17.2.84 entered Strait of Singapore - 22.2.84 refuelled by tanker "Boris Butoma" - 25.2.84 passed Korea Strait - 25.2 to 26.2.84 exercise with the Pacific Fleet - 25.2.84 BPK "Odarenny" and SKR "Grozyashchiy" joined the escort - 27.2.84 arrived in Vladivostok; 3.84 to 4.84 overhaul in SRZ-30 Chazhma (PD-41 dock); 8.84 took part in the exercise "Golubaya Strela", with RKR "Varyag" and BPK "Tallin" - live missile (SAM) firings against target drones; 28.8.84 missile tests with BPK "Tallin" and SKR "Poryvistyy"; 28.8 to 1.9.84 took part in search operations in the Sea of Japan, with BPK "Vasiliy Chapaev", "K-115", "B-227" and Il-38 aircraft; 6.9.84 missile exercise together with "K-23"; 8.9.84 anti-submarine exercise with "K-497"; 18.9.84 search operations with "B-106"; 23.9 to 26.9.84 missile exercise (SAM) against target drones, with BPK "Tallin" and "Petropavlovsk"; 1.10 to 3.10.84 the exercise "Dlinnaya Osen" in the Sea of Okhotsk against US submarines - with BPK "Nikolayev", "Vasiliy Chapaev", SKR "Storozhevoy" and submarines "K-242", "K-535", "B-855", "B-229" and "B-404", as well as Tu-142 and Ka-27PL - 5.10.83 task force entered Aniva Bay; 2.12.84 simulated missile attack on USS "Midway", which together with USS "Carl Vinson" and USS "Enterprise" had entered the Sea of Japan; 6.12.84 into the South China Sea, together with SKR "Gordelivyy", "Letuchiy" and tanker "Boris Butoma" for joint Soviet/Vietnamese exercise, which was cancelled; 23.1 to 25.1.85 exercise with BPK "Tallin", "Tashkent", SKR "Ryanyy", submarine "B-270", maritime aircraft and fighters from the 20th Fighter Aviation Division - several missile launches conducted; 2.85 took part in an anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Sea of Okhotsk, with BPK "Tashkent", "Vasiliy Chapaev" and "Tallin" - missile launches againt airborne drones (La-17) with BPK "Tallin" and SKR "Ryanyy"; 29.3 to 17.4.85 tactical exercise off Hawaii, together with BPK "Nikolayev", "Tashkent", "Tallin" and "Vasiliy Chapaev", SKR "Revnotsnyy" and "Poryvistyy", tankers "Vladimir Kolechitskiy" and "Ilim", and the submarine "K-360" - later joined by tanker "Abakan" and Tu-95RTS - 16.4 joined by icebreakers "Ermak" and "Ilya Muromets" - several "engagements" with US ships and submarines during the exercise - 17.4 exercise with "enemy force" of two RKR (including "Varyag" with Admiral Gorshkov onboard) and two BPK - 17.4.85 arrived in Vladivostok; 29.5 to 16.6.85 operations in the Sea of Japan (submarine hunting), together with SKR "Revnostnyy" and "Poryvistyy"; 1987 missile tests; 12.5 to 16.5.88 visited Wonsan, North Korea, together with BPK "Admiral Zakharov" and EM "Boevoy"; 1988 to 1990 repairs and modernization at Dalzavod, Vladivostok; 5.91 last time at sea; 1.93 suffered a fire onboard - docked and repaired for a month; 30.6.93 decomissioned; 19.10 to 23.10.93 escorted by "PM-59" to Sovetskaya Gavan; 31.8.94 disarmed; 1.96 sold to a South Korean company for scrapping; 3.97 towed to Pusan, South Korea

Baku - Black Sea SY, Nikolayev - serial no. 104 - laid down 17.2.78 - launched 1.4.82 - completed 11.12.87; completed as Project 1143.4; 8.7.87 first Yak-38 take-off and landing; attached to the 170th Anti-Submarine Brigade; 7.6.88 left Sevastopol for operations in the Mediterranean - visited Latakia, Syria (22.8 to 29.8.88) - from there joined by EM "Otlichnyy" and tanker "Boris Chilikin" for operations in the Indian Ocean - visited Tartus, Syria (1.11 to 21.11.88) - tracked the USS "Enterprise" - 17.12.88 arrived in Severomorsk; 1989 to 1990 conducted several tests in the Northern Fleet area; 4.1.90 renamed Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Gorshkov; 26.9.91 took two Yak-141 aircraft onboard; 27.9 to 5.10.91 tested the Yak-141 at sea; 3.2.92 to 25.9.94 repaired in SRZ-35 at Roslyakovo - due to lack of funding only little work was done; 9.94 to Severomorsk, but 6.12.94 towed to SRZ-35 in Roslyakovo again; 9.5.95 took part in the 50th anniversary of the ending of World War 2, and then back to Roslyakovo; 28.9.95 visited by an Indian delegation; mid-1999 towed to Severodvinsk for repairs; 5.10.2000 sold to India