5th Operational Squadron

5-я оперативная эскадра

Military Unit: 51215


Activated 14.6.67 in Sevastopol, Crimean Oblast.

Also known as the Mediterranean squadron - any ship operating in the Mediterranean, automatically came under the 5th Operational Squadron.

Did not have any units permanently attached, and was divided into six task forces and a group of support ships:

As only few harbours in the Mediterranean were available for logistic support (Port Said in Egypt to 1972, Tartus and Latakia in Syria), the squadron would use so-called low water anchor points (anchorages), where ships could be based for extended periods and could be resupplied from naval and civilian auxiliaries. Several anchorages were available:

All anchor point were also used for intelligence gathering and monitoring shipping in the Mediterranean.

31.12.85 to 1.10.89 known as the 5th Ship Flotilla.

Disbanded 31.12.92.