55th Mozyrskaya Red Banner Naval Infantry Division

55-й Мозырской Краснознаменной дивизии морской пехоты

Military Unit: 30926

Activated 1.12.67 in Vladivostok, Primorskiy Kray - formation ordered 12.5.67 and begun 8.67.

Awards and honours from the 1st Naval Machine-Gun Artillery Division, which was disbanded 1.56, after returning home from Porkkala-Udd, Finland.

Formation was completed 1.12.68 - all based at Vladivostok, except where noted:

2.80 the 336th independent Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion was renamed 923rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.

4.80 the 331st independent Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion was renamed 921st Artillery Regiment, and absorbed the 129th independent Multi-Rocket Launcher Artillery Battalion.

5.80 the 68th independent Motor Transport Company was replaced by the 398th independent Material Supply Battalion, and the 82nd indepenent Medical and Sanitary Company was replaced by the 316th independent Medical Company.

10.82 the 165th Naval Infantry Regiment was renamed the 165th Naval Infantry (Air Landing) Regiment.

Organisation 1988:

1996 the 150th Tank Regiment was reduced, and renamed 84th independent Tank Battalion.

9.97 the 84th independent Tank Battalion was disbanded.

1.12.07 the 106th Naval Infantry (cadre - since 1983) Regiment was disbanded.

Organisation 2008:

1.6.09 renamed 155th independent Naval Infantry Brigade:

Equipment 1990: 153 T-55A, 207 BTR-60PB and BTR-80, 48 2s1 Gvozdika, 24 2s3 Akatsiya, 8 2s9 Nona-S, 4 2s23 Nona-SVK and 18 BM-21 Grad.