54th Escort Division VV MVD SSSR

54-я конвойная дивизия ВВ МВД СССР

Military Unit: 7427

Activated 28.11.68 in Rostov-na-Don, Rostov Oblast, from the 6th Department for Escort and Protection.

Organisation 1970:

In 1973 the 44th independent Special Motorised Militia Battalion was activated in Groznyy, Checheno-Inguskaya ASSR.

1978 awarded the order of the Red Star.

Organisation 1980:

In 1984 the 506th Escort Regiment was renamed 13th Escort Brigade.

1986 renamed Order of the Red Star Administration Internal Troops MVD SSSR for North Caucasus and Transcaucasus.

In 1986 the 230th Red Banner Escort Regiment was renamed 90th Red Banner Escort Brigade.

12.12.86 the 170th Training Battalion was activated.

30.9.88 the 340th Training Regiment was detached, and became the 22nd independent Operational Brigade.

2.89 the 13th Escort Brigade was reduced, and again renamed 506th Escort Regiment.

During 1989 six additional battalions were activated.

Organisation 1990:

From 1990 the 5th and 69th Divisions VV MVD SSSR were attached to the Administration VV MVD SSSR for North Caucasus and Transcaucasus.

1992 renamed 54th Division VV MVD RF.