8th Guards Red Banner order of Suvorov Tank Division

8-я гвардейская танковая Краснознамённая ордена Суворова дивизия

Military Unit: 11707

Activated 16.7.45 in Osipovichi, Minsk Oblast, from the 8th Guards Tank Corps.

Organisation 1946:

28.10.46 reduced to 8th Guards Tank Regiment (mobilisation) - all attached units remained, but were downsized (regiment to battalion, battalion to company), but 28.10.48 again expanded to full size.

23.5.53 re-organised:

In 4.55 the 300th Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment was renamed 823rd Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.

In 6.57 reorganised (ordered 12.3.57):

In 1960 the 81st independent Tank Training Battalion was disbanded.

Organisation 1960:

19.2.62 re-organised:

In 1968 the 125th independent Guards Sapper Battalion was renamed 125th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

Organisation 1970:

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1021st independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

In 9.88 the 576th independent Missile Battalion was transferred to the 460th Missile Brigade.

5.90 renamed 6297th Guards Weapons and Equipment Storage Base.

20.3.92 taken over by Belarus.



Equipment 12.85:

Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - High-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III).