270th Motorised Rifle Division

270-я мотострелковая дивизия

Military Unit: 61304

Activated 3.3.70 in Khabarovsk-41 (Krasnaya Rechka), Khabarovsk Kray, from the 882nd Motorised Rifle Regiment and various mobilisation units.

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 000 independent Chemical Defence Company was renamed 85th independent Chemical Defence Battalion.

15.11.72 re-organised:

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1146th independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

2010 renamed 243rd Weapons and Equipment Repair and Storage Base.



Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - Low-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III).