15th Sivashsko-Shtettinskaya order of Lenin twice Red Banner orders of Suvorov and the Labor Red Banner Motorised Rifle Division

15-я мотострелковая Сивашско-Штеттинская ордена Ленина дважды Краснознамённая орденов Суворова и Трудового Красного Знамени дивизия

Military Unit: 61439

Activated 25.6.57 in Kirovakan, Armenian SSR, as the 100th Motorised Rifle Division, from the 26th Mechanised Division.

Organisation 1960:

19.2.62 re-organised:

11.1.65 renamed 15th Motorised Rifle Division.

In 1968 the 324th independent Sapper Battalion was renamed 324th independent Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 000 independent Chemical Defence Company was renamed 621st independent Chemical Defence Battalion.

15.11.72 re-organised:

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1542nd independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

In 4.90 the 132nd Guards Tank Regiment was divided into the 118th independent Guards Tank Battalion and the 1357th Motorised Rifle Regiment.

Disbanded 6.92 - the equipment were partly handed over to Armenia - traditions, honors and awards were transferred to the 5209th Weapons and Equipment Storage Base.



Equipment 1.12.85:

Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - Low-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III).