8th independent Special Forces Brigade GRU

8-я отдельная бригада специального назначения ГРУ

Military Unit: 65554

Activated 15.12.62 in Izyaslav, Khmelnitskiy Oblast, as the 8th Special Forces Brigade GRU.


22.1.68 to 6.9.68 took part in Operation Danube - the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

3.4.78 renamed 8th independent Special Forces Brigade GRU.

The 186th independent Special Forces Unit (military unit: 54784; 54783 while in Afghanistan) was activated 15.2.85 for service in Afghanistan - deployed to Afghanistan 27.4.85 to 1.6.88 - cover designation was 7th Motorised Rifle Battalion - operated from Shahjoy - attached to the 22nd independent Special Forces Brigade GRU while in Afghanistan.

1990 most of the brigade was deployed to Tbilisi and Vaziani, Georgian SSR, for peacekeeping operations.

1.1.92 taken over by Ukraine.