3rd independent Guards Varshavsko-Berlinskaya Red Banner order of Suvorov Special Forces Brigade GRU

3-я отдельная гвардейская Варшавско-Берлинская Краснознаменная ордена Суворова бригада специального назначения ГРУ

Military Unit: 83149; from 4.91: 21208

Activated 1966 in Fürstenberg (Neuthymen), East Germany, as the 3rd Guards Special Forces Brigade GRU, from the following units:

Organisation in Germany (some of the units were based in Neustrelitz until 1975):

3.4.78 renamed 3rd independent Guards Special Forces Brigade GRU.

1.10.92 the 330th independent Special Forces Unit was added to the brigade.

Most of the brigade operated in Tadzhikistan (Dushanbe and Kulob) from 9.92 to 3.93, while the 501st independent Special Forces Unit operated in Chechnya from 1.95 to 6.95.

Organisation 2000: