10th independent Special Forces Brigade GRU

10-я отдельная бригада специального назначения ГРУ

Military Unit: 65564; from 2003: 51532

Activated 4.10.62 in Karagoz, Crimean Oblast, as the 10th Special Forces Brigade GRU.


3.4.78 renamed 10th independent Special Forces Brigade GRU.

The 186th independent Special Forces Unit was partly staffed by the 10th independent Special Forces Brigade, while in Afghanistan.

1.1.92 taken over by Ukraine (directive issued 11.10.91).

Re-activated 1.5.03 in Molkino, Krasnodar Kray.


2004 operated in Chechnya, and august 2008 in Georgia.

8.8.2011 awarded the order of Zhukov.