3rd Karpatskiy Rifle Corps

3-й стрелковый Карпатский корпус

Military Unit: 09250


Activated 9.6.42 as the 3rd Mountain Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

Organisation 1.1.46:

In 5.46 the 242nd Mountain Rifle Division was disbanded.

Organisation 1.1.50:

In 11.54 renamed 3rd Rifle Corps.

In 4.55 the 318th Rifle Division was renamed 53rd Rifle Division.

In 9.55 the 53rd Rifle Division was renamed 39th Mechanised Division - 4.12.55 inherited the awards from the 13th Guards Rifle Division, and was renamed 39th Guards Mechanised Division.

In 11.56 took part in the invasion of Hungary (Operation Whirlwind) with the 128th Guards Rifle Division and the 11th Guards Mechanised Division (from the 8th Mechanised Army).

Organisation 1.1.57:

21.7.57 disbanded - HQ was absorbed by the 38th Combined Arms Army.