31st order of Kutuzov Army Corps

31-й армейский ордена Кутузова корпус

Military Unit: 17351


Activated 13.10.42 as the 13th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

In 8.45 the 94th independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 407th Rifle Division.

In 2.46 the 392nd and 407th Rifle Divisions were disbanded, and were replaced by the 10th Guards and 414th Rifle Divisions.

Organisation 1.1.47:

2.7.49 renamed 13th Mountain Rifle Corps, and re-organised:

In 1951 the 16th Machine-Gun Artillery Division was renamed 2nd Mountain Rifle Division.

Organisation 1951:

9.5.51 again renamed 13th Rifle Corps.

From 6.56 to 6.57 the 1st Guards Mechanised Division (Tbilisi, Georgian SSR) was attached to the corps.

25.6.57 the 2nd Mountain Rifle Division was renamed 146th Mountain Rifle Division.

1.7.56 renamed 31st Special Rifle Corps.

1.10.57 renamed 31st Special Army Corps.

In 7.58 the 146th Mountain Rifle Division was disbanded, and was replaced by the 145th Mountain Rifle Division.

In 7.59 the 147th Motorised Rifle Division joined the corps.

Organisation 1960:

9.5.61 renamed 31st Army Corps.

In 3.62 the 145th Mountain Rifle Division was renamed 145th Motorised Rifle Division.

1.6.62 the 10th Guards Mountain Rifle Division was renamed 10th Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 152nd Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was activated.

21.2.74 awarded the order of Kutuzov.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

Disbanded 5.92.