10th Guards Budapeshtskiy Rifle Corps

10-й гвардейский стрелковый Будапештский корпус

Military Unit: 69651


Activated 28.1.42 as the 3rd Guards Rifle Corps.

13.8.42 renamed 10th Guards Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.6.45:

In 10.45 the 49th Guards Rifle Division was renamed 33rd Guards Mechanised Division.

In 3.46 the 99th Rifle Division was renamed 37th independent Rifle Brigade.

Organisation 1.4.46:

In 12.46 the 37th independent Rifle Brigade was disbanded, and was replaced by the 86th Guards Rifle Division.

In 5.47 the 33rd Guards Mechanised Division was transferred to Timisoara, Romania, and was replaced by the 35th Guards Mechanised Division.

Organisation 1.1.50:

Organisation 1.1.56:

4.11.56 the 35th Guards Mechanised Division was detached, and took part in the invasion of Hungary (Operation Whirlwind) and would remain in Hungary.

15.11.56 disbanded - HQ was used to activate the 14th Combined Arms Army.