81st Artillery Division

81-я артиллерийская дивизия

Military Unit: 25648

Activated 16.6.56 in Vinogradov, Zarkapatskaya Oblast.

Organisation 1975:

In 1976 the 894th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment was activated.

1978: 2 regiments with 152mm ML-20, 2 regiments with 130mm M-46, 1 regiment with BM-21 and 1 regiment with 100mm T-12

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

In 1989 the 883rd Cannon Artillery Regiment was renamed 2994th Equipment Storage Base.

In 1991 the 983rd Heavy Howitzer Artillery Regiment was renamed 219th Heavy Howitzer Artillery Brigade, and the 889th Guards Reactive Artillery Regiment was renamed 520th Guards Reactive Artillery Brigade.

In 1.92 taken over by Ukraine.



Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Divisional coordinates: