12th Prazhskaya Red Banner orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Artillery Division

12-я артиллерийская Пражская Краснознамённая орденов Суворова и Кутузова дивизия

Military Unit: 66930

Activated 12.74 in Kalinin, Kalinin Oblast, from the 104th Howitzer Artillery Brigade.

Unfortunately this is still the least known of the regular artillery divisions, however, the regiments carried numbers within the 680 to 690 range.

Organisation 1975:

In 1976 the 691st Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment was activated.

1978: 2 regiments with 152mm ML-20, 2 regiments with 130mm M-46, 1 regiment with BM-21 and 1 regiment with 100mm T-12

Organisation 1980:

In 1984 two regiments were upgraded to brigades.

Organisation 1988:

The 000 Cannon Artillery Regiment and the 81st Reconnaissance Artillery Regiment was disbanded in 1989.

Disbanded 2009.



Divisional coordinates: