6th Red Banner Combined Arms Army

6-я общевойсковая Краснознамённая армия

Military Unit: 33983


Activated 2.5.43 as the 31st Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

In 6.45 the 114th and 367th Rifle Divisions were replaced by the 45th and 67th Rifle Divisions.

Organisation 1.10.45:

In 5.46 the 83rd Rifle Division was disbanded.

Organisation 1950:

30.3.52 renamed 6th Combined Arms Army.

Organisation 1952:

In 4.55 the 341st and 367th Rifle Divisions were renamed 54th and 65th Rifle Divisions.

In 4.6.57 all divisions became motorised rifle divisions:

Organisation 1960:

1.4.60 the 116th Motorised Rifle Division was disbanded.

23.7.60 disbanded, and reformed from HQ Northern Military District.

Organisation 1970:

15.1.74 awarded the Red Banner.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

Disbanded 1.5.98.

Re-activated 9.8.2010 in Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast.