978th independent Transport Aviation Regiment

978-й отдельный транспортный авиационный полк

Military Unit: 45157

Activated 25.6.53 in Moscow-Lyubertsy, Moscow Oblast, from the 88th independent Training Transport Aviation Squadron and the 66th independent Mixed Aviation Squadron.

Organisation 1953:

19.9.60 HQ, 1st and 2nd AE moved to Klin, Moscow Oblast.

In the 1980's the 3rd AE was used to transport VIP's (senior officers and generals of the PVO).

1.5.98 renamed 978th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment.

1998 with Il-76 [1st and 2nd AE], An-12, Tu-134, An-24 and An-26 [3rd AE].

1.7.2001 renamed 78th independent Military-Transport Aviation Squadron.

12.2009 absorbed by the 6955th Aviation Base.