280th independent Helicopter Regiment

280-й отдельный вертолётный полк

Military Unit: 22523; from 4.80: 17668, from 8.88: 06862

Activated 17.4.46 in Olovyannaya, Chita Oblast, as the 280th Transport Aviation Regiment.

From 5.11.56 - 26 crews took part in the events in Hungary

1958 renamed 280th independent Helicopter Regiment.

12.79 transferred to Chirchik, Tashkent Oblast, and shortly thereafter to Sady-Kachi, Surkhandaria Oblast, for operations in Afghanistan - arrived in Shindand 1.1.80, and Kandahar 2.1.80 - returned to Kagan-South in 1.80.

Several independent Helicopter Regiments based in the Soviet Union, would detach crews to serve in the 280th independent Helicopter Regiment on a rotational basis, beginning from 1981 - usually for the duration of one year.

Disbanded 23.2.89.