184th Guards Poltavsko-Berlinskiy Red Banner Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment

184-й гвардейский тяжелый бомбардировочный Полтавско-Берлинский Краснознаменный авиационный полк

Military Unit: 00000

Activated 1939 as the 51st Fast Bomber Aviation Regiment.

1940 renamed 51st Long-Range Bomber Aviation Regiment.

25.3.42 renamed 749th Aviation Regiment Long-Range.

26.3.43 renamed 9th Guards Aviation Regiment Long-Range.

26.12.44 renamed 9th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment.

21.12.45 renamed 184th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment.

1950 renamed 184th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment.

A special group was activated in 1958 (within the regiment), for in-flight refuelling tests and training.

1.1.92 taken over by Ukraine.

Reformed summer 2000 in Engels, Saratov Oblast.