153rd Port-Arturskaya Fighter Aviation Division PVO

153-я истребительная Порт-Артурская авиационная дивизия ПВО

Military Unit: 45066

Activated 8.42 as the 245th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 8.45 (?, Mongolia):

1.10.45 the 942nd Fighter Aviaton Regiment joined the division as the 4th regiment.

In 4.47 the 942nd Fighter Aviaton Regiment was disbanded.

20.2.49 (directive 10.1.49) renamed 153rd Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 1950:

14.2.50 the 351st Fighter Aviation Regiment left the division.

1.51 renamed 153rd Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

In 1951 the 940th Fighter Aviation Regiment was replaced by the 777th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

Organisation 1958:

Disbanded 5.58.