138th Pavlogradsko-Venskaya Red Banner order of Suvorov Fighter Aviation Division

138-я истребительная Павлоградско-Венская Краснознаменная ордена Суворова авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 78587

Activated 1.7.42 as the 288th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Münchendorf, Austria):

The 611th Fighter Aviation Regiment was disbanded in 12.45, while the three other regiments probably survived until 12.58.

10.1.49 renamed 138th Fighter Aviation Division.

In 1.59 the 10th Guards Fighter Aviation Division was disbanded, and the 138th Fighter Aviation Division took over it's three regiments.

Organisation 1959:

All three Guards regiments were disbanded before 5.61 (the 113th Guards IAP became the 392nd Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment).

Organisation 1962:

Organisation 1980:

1982-1986 the 894th Fighter Aviation Regiment was attached to the division.

Organisation 1990:

The 85th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment joined the division in 7.91.

1.1.92 taken over by Ukraine.