129th Kenigsbergskaya order of Kutuzov Fighter Aviation Division PVO

129-я истребительная Кенигсбергская ордена Кутузова авиационная дивизия ПВО

Military Unit: 54821

Activated 5.44 as the 129th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Gross Lindenau, Germany):

1.6.46 the 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment joined the division as the 4th regiment.

In 3.47 the 863rd Fighter Aviation Regiment was disbanded.

Organisation 1950:

3.52 renamed 129th Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

In 3.52 the 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment left the divison, and was replaced by the new 611th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

Organisation 1960:

Disbanded 10.9.60.