149th Bomber Aviation Division

149-я бомбардировочная авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 45190

Activated 6.42 as the 149th Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

Organisation 9.45:

In 2.46 the 400th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was disbanded.

In 11.48 the 60th Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was replaced by the 582nd Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

29.1.52 transferred from the Air Defense Forces (PVO) to the Air Force (VVS), and renamed 149th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 1955:

In 6.55 the 582nd Fighter Aviation Regiment was replaced by the 42nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment.

1.9.60 renamed 149th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division (149th IBAD, 11.11.76 renamed 149th ADIB).

Organisation 1965:

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

15.10.81 the 18th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment was renamed 89th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment.

7.82 renamed 149th Bomber Aviation Division.

Organisation 1988:

1992 renamed 149th Mixed Aviation Division.

Organisation 1998: