211th Nevelskaya order of Lenin twice Red Banner order of Suvorov Assault Aviation Division

211-я штурмовая Невельская ордена Ленина дважды Краснознаменная ордена Суворова авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 35528

Activated 5.42 as the 211th Fast Bomber Aviation Division.

6.1.43 renamed 211th Night Bomber Aviation Division.

8.5.43 renamed 211th Assault Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Labiau, Ostpreussen):

In 12.45 the 6th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment joined the regiment as the 4th regiment.

In 5.46 the 889th Assault Aviation Regiment (former night bomber aviation regiment) replaced the 766th Assault Aviation Regiment, which was disbanded.

In 4.47 the 6th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment was disbanded.

4.55 renamed 211th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division.

Organisation 1956:

Disbanded 7.56.

Some data are still unclear, the division might have been renamed 339th Assault Aviation Division at some point (1949?), and the third regiment in 1956 could have been the 6th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment (possibly with a new number since 1949).