125th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division

125-я авиационная дивизия истребителей бомбардировщиков

Military Unit: 35505; from 10.51: 80580

Activated 3.42 as the 125th Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

Organisation 5.45 (Kaunas, Lithuanian SSR):

In 7.45 the 441st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO joined the division.

In 12.45 the 441st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO left the division, and was replaced by the 33rd Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

Organisation 1950:

10.51 renamed 125th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 1960:

7.60 renamed 125th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division.

10.7.60 two regiments (33rd and 787th) were transferred to the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division, and were replaced by two Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiments (19th Guards and 20th Guards) from the same division.

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1990:

Disbanded 10.93 (possibly 7.93).