125th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division

125-я авиационная дивизия истребителей бомбардировщиков

Military Unit: 80580

Activated 3.42 as the 125th Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

Organisation 1945:

The 441st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was probably disbanded in 1946, and was replaced by the 33rd Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

Organisation 1950:

10.51 renamed 125th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 1960:

1961 renamed 125th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division.

Two regiments were transferred to the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division in 1961 (33rd and 787th), and were replaced by two Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiments (19th Guards and 20th Guards) from the same division.

Disbanded 10.93 (possibly 7.93).

Organisation 1990: