Sources (VVS)


"Légierő társbérletben: A Szovjet Légierő és Légvédelem története Magyarországon és Ausztriában (1944-1991) - Volume I, II" by Vándor Károly, VPP Kiadó, 2009-2010. Truly excellent books on the Soviet Air Force in Hungary and Austria - the volumes can still be purchased - some material has been used on this website with kind permission. A museum dedicated to the same topic can be found here.

"Rote Plätze - Russische Militärflugplätze Deutschland 1945-1994" by Lutz Freundt, Stefan Büttner and Siegmar Frenzel, AeroLit Verlag 2007, 300 pages. A truly excellent book on the airfields used by the Soviet Air Force in Germany.

"Военная авиация отечества - Организация, вооружение, дислокация (1991/2000 г.г.)" by A.G. Lenskiy and M.M. Tsybin, Saint Petersburg 2004, 110 pages. The Soviet Air Force order of battle 19.11.90 and 1.1.2000 sourced from the CFE treaty data exhange.

"Советские Войска ПВО в последние годы Союза ССР. Часть 1" by A.G. Lenskiy and M.M. Tsybin, Saint Petersburg 2013, 164 pages. Comprehensive history of the Air Defence Forces, with unit histories of all units in existence during the last years of the USSR. Volume 2 is expected in 2014.

"Sowjetische Fliegerkräfte Deutschland 1945-1994, Band 1-4" by Lutz Freundt - self-published 1998-2000 - 66, 58, 66, 58 pages.

"Полвека продолжается полет" by V. Dzhagan, Voronezh, 2000, 74 pages. A history of the 105th Fighter Bomber Aviation Division

"Дальняя авиация. Первые 90 лет", Polygon Press, 2005, 370 pages. 90th anniversary of the Long Range Aviation, with a look back on it's history.

"30-Лет 344-й Центр боевого применения и переучивания лётного состава АА 1979-2009", 30th anniversary booklet, 2009, 24 pages.

"70-Лет 865-й истребительный ордена Трудового Красного Знамени авиационный полк ПВО 1939-2009", 70th anniversary booklet, 2009, 36 pages.

"Воздушный щит страны советов" by Igor Drogovoz, Harvest 2003, 544 pages.

"Страницы истории. 32-й гвардейский истребительный авиационный полк, 2 volumes" by Sergey Isaev, Moscow 2006, 224 + 228 pages.

"Век в строю ВМФ авиация Военно-Морского Флота России (1910-2010)" by P.V. Levshov and D.E. Boltenkov; Tayfun, Saint Petersburg 2012, 768 pages. Excellent book with unit histories of every single naval aviation unit in existence between 1910 to 2010.

"Советская армия в годы "холодной войны" (1945-1991)" by Vitaliy I. Feskov, K.A. Kalashnikov and V.I. Golikov; Tomsk, 2004, 294 pages. Excellent book, but a lot of new information have been uncovered since, and these will be included in Feskov's new book "Вооруженные Силы СССР носле Второй мировой войны: от Красной Армии к Советской". It should be published in early 2014. This 618 page first volume will only deal with the army 1945-1992, while the later volume 2 will cover everything else.






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