Luftnachrichten-Regiment 231



Formed 2.9.44 in Naunhof, near Leipzig from Stab/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 214, and served under the 1. Jagddivision until the end

I. Abteilung:

Formed 2.9.44 in Frankfurt/Oder from Stab I./Luftnachrichten-Flugmelde-Regiment 93. The battalion and its 4 companies were disbanded 3.45/4.45 after the Russian advances in Eastern Germany.

II. Abteilung:

Formed 2.9.44 in Weissenfels-Saale from Stab IV./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 214.

III. Abteilung:

Formed 2.9.44 in Langenhagen, near Duderstadt, from Stab III./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 202.

IV. Abteilung:

Formed 2.9.44 in Wegenstedt from Stab IV./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 204.

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