Luftnachrichten-Regiment 215



Formed 10.43 in Ludwigsburg(?) (new). On 2.9.44 absorbed by Stab/Luftnachrichten-Regiment 238.

No Stab I., Stab IV. and 1.-3./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 215 was ever formed.

II. Abteilung:

Formed 10.43 in Augsburg from Stab II./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 213. On 2.9.44 redesignated Stab IV./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 233.

III. Abteilung:

Formed 10.43 in Aschaffenburg(?). On 2.9.44 redesignated Stab II./Luftnachrichten-Regiment 238.

13. Flugmelde-Leit Kompanie later (1.44?) to Kalkhofen bei Überlingen (Stellung "Lori") and 15. Flugmelde-Leit Kompanie later (1.44?) to (?) (Stellung "Raube"). Stellung "Raube" was soon abandoned, and the kompanie was relocated to St. Ludwig/Elsass bei Basel instead (Stellung "Bastard").

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