Kampfgruppe zur besonderen Verwendung 300


Formed 11.41 in Germany with Ju 52 transports:

Stab/KGrzbV300 new
1./KGrzbV300 new
2./KGrzbV300 new
3./KGrzbV300 new
4./KGrzbV300 new
5./KGrzbV300 new

From 1.7.42 used to train replacement pilots, now with:

Stab/KGrzbV300 with 2 Fi 156
1./KGrzbV300 with 12 Ju 52 (Ausb.)
2./KGrzbV300 with 12 Ju 52 (Ausb.)
3./KGrzbV300 with Go 244 (Ausb.)
4./KGrzbV300 with Ju 52 (z.Vfg. GenQu.)
5./KGrzbV300 with Me 323 (Ausb) from 1.Erg.Sta./KGzbV323 at Leipheim on 25.3.43.

 In 5.43 redesignated Ergänzungstransportgruppe:

Stab/KGrzbV300 became Stab/Ergänzungstransportgruppe
1./KGrzbV300 became 1./Ergänzungstransportgruppe
2./KGrzbV300 became 2./Ergänzungstransportgruppe
3./KGrzbV300 became 3./Ergänzungstransportgruppe
4./KGrzbV300 became 4./Ergänzungstransportgruppe
5./KGrzbV300 became 5./Ergänzungstransportgruppe

A Stabs-Staffel existed 12.41 - 5.43 (became Stabs-Staffel/Ergänzungstransportgruppe).


* Stab only; 5. Staffel was based at Leipheim during its existence.

4. Staffel was used several times for transport duties on the Eastern front, based at Post-Wolinsky.

Several aircraft were transferred to KGrzbV Wittstock during 9.42 - 2.43, which had severely depleted the unit, which then moved to Schönwalde and began a period of rest and refit.

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