Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2


Formed 12.40 in Gutenfeld as Fliegerschule der Luftwaffe (S). In 6.41 moved to Stuttgart-Süd, and began training with the Me 321, with 2 Ausbildungskommando in Leipheim and Obertraubling. In early 1942 four LS-Staffeln (Ausbildung) were formed in Posen (now known as Fliegerschule (Schlepp) Posen), with DFS.230 and Go 242.

In 4.42 renamed Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2 with:

Stab/Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2
1./Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2
2./Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2
3./Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2
4./Ergänzungsgruppe (S) 2

In 6.42 part of the Gruppe was used to form II./LLG2. In 6.42 1./Erg.Gr.(S) 2 became 5./LLG2. In 8.42 1. (Go)/Lw.Kdo.Don was formed from parts of the Gruppe with Go 242.

On 9.11.42 most of the unit was ordered to convert to an Infanterie-Bataillon (4 coys.) with 756 men. The Infanterie-Bataillon left Posen 10.11.42 for Reggio in southern Italy, and on 20.11.42 arrived in Bizerta and became I./Regiment Barenthin.

The remains in Posen was soon rebuilt, and became fully operational.

On 9.9.44 moved to Würzburg and was disbanded.

Used the following aircraft: Avia B.534, Bf 110, Bloch 175, Bü 131, Bü 181, DFS.230, Do 17, Do 23, Fi 156, Fw 58, Go 242, Grunau Baby, He 46, He 72, He 111, Hs 126, Ju 52, Kl 35, Kranich, Letov S.328, Me 321, MS.230 and W.34


* in early 1944, one staffel was based at Schroda, and one staffel at Bednary.

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